1. In Defense of The Lawn

    The world becomes more anti-lawn by the day—and as the Odessa lawn service experts, we’re not sure why. While lawns require a bit of maintenance and water consumption, there are endless reasons why lawns are beneficial for getting the most out of the environment and your life. In this blog, Mason Landscaping & Design will give you a few reasons why having a lawn is a good thing. As we alwa…Read More

  2. Benefits of Commercial Landscaping

    Running your own brick-and-mortar business can be complicated—there’s a constant battle to balance expenses against revenue, take care of customers (and employees, of course), and ensure your business is built for short-term success and long-term growth. But when will you take care of those bushes growing near your front entrance? When will you install that drip irrigation system for all of yo…Read More

  3. Decking Out Your Deck

    Unless you’re going to enjoy your backyard by hiding in the bushes or napping on your lawn, you’re going to need a deck for the full backyard experience. But a deck is much more than planks and beams—it’s what you build into or around your deck that makes your yard truly incredible. In this blog, the Midland landscaping experts at Mason Landscaping & Design will give you some inspirati…Read More

  4. The Biggest Lawn Care Mistakes You’re Probably Making

    The beautiful Texas summer is here, with temperatures already soaring into the mid-90s and triple digits. Is your lawn looking lush and beautiful as it should? Or are your making classic lawn care mistakes that have left your lawn patchy, unsightly, and unhealthy? In this blog, Odessa’s lawn care experts will show you the biggest lawn mistakes that most people can make (you might have made one o…Read More

  5. The Basics of Lawn Care

    It’s time to build the lawn of your dreams. From the Odessa lawn care experts to you, here are the bare bones basics of starting a lawn, and keeping it healthy and lush for years to come.     Choose the right seed (or don’t). For the best lawn possible, you need the right grass seed for the conditions of your yard. Dealing with some direct, heavy sunlight and intense heat? Expecting a lot o…Read More

  6. The Biggest Landscaping Mistakes

    Almost counts in horseshoes and hand grenades—but it definitely doesn’t count in world of landscaping. In this blog, the Odessa landscaping professionals at Mason Landscaping & Design will educate you on the biggest landscaping mistakes you can make. This is part 1 of 3 in this blog series because, well, there are a lot of landscaping mistakes to be made. You didn’t set a budget. Didn’…Read More

  7. Elements of a Great Lawn

    As Odessa’s lawn care experts, Mason Landscaping & Design loves a good lawn. In fact, there might not be anything better on the planet! Imagine yourself on a lush, green, and beautiful lawn right now: basking on a cool and refreshing grass patch, squishing the soft blades of grass in between your bare toes, and relaxing in the beautiful summer sun of Texas. Even your dog is excited to run fr…Read More

  8. The Five Basic Elements of Landscaping

    As Odessa’s landscape design experts, Mason Landscaping & Design team is passionate about creating stunning outdoor spaces. But what makes an outdoor space truly stunning? Straight from the landscape design bible, here are a few of the many rules of landscape design that will lead to an incredible residential or commercial outdoor space. Harmony Harmony is the act of combining colors, shapes…Read More

  9. Things Every Landscape Needs, Part 1

    Mason Landscaping and Design is committed to a better landscape—that’s why we provide extensive lawn care and landscaping services for Odessa, Midland, and surrounding areas in West Texas. If there’s a project you want done in your yard or commercial outdoor space, we can get it done and get it done right—and give you ideas to make your outdoor space spectacular along the way. That’s why…Read More

  10. Things Every Landscape Needs, Part 2

    In our previous blog, we provided you with some ideas for making your West Texas outdoor space better than ever before. We’ll continue with that topic here, giving you inspiration for less common, more spectacular ways of transforming your yard space so you, your family, and your friends can enjoy it for years to come. Bring Your Kitchen Outdoors If you’re looking to entertain in your outdoor …Read More