Running your own brick-and-mortar business can be complicated—there’s a constant battle to balance expenses against revenue, take care of customers (and employees, of course), and ensure your business is built for short-term success and long-term growth.

But when will you take care of those bushes growing near your front entrance? When will you install that drip irrigation system for all of your flowers? When are you going to mow the dang lawn?

In this blog, the Midland landscaping experts at Mason Landscaping & Design will give you a few ways hiring a commercial landscaping company can improve your business. You’d be surprised how a little fertilizer and water can grow your plants and your business!

Your business expenses will be more predictable.

A little fertilizer here, a few landscaping tools there—before you know it, doing your own business landscaping will cut into your profits and leave you with a bunch of tools to keep organized.

Take the extra expense and hassle out of landscaping by hiring a professional company to do it for you. With professional landscapers, you’ll rest easy knowing your landscaping will always be professional-grade, and you’ll get a single, fixed bill every month that’ll be easy to plan your finances around.

Your public perception will be better.

Imagine that you’re looking for some sort of health service—a dentist, for example. You search Google for the dentist with the best reviews and the services you need, and you check out some local dental websites to narrow it down to your final choice. Once you’ve finally picked one, you schedule an appointment and head down to the office—but when your get there, something doesn’t seem right. The flowerbeds are overgrown and full of weeds, the grass hasn’t been mowed in ages, and the sprinklers are watering the sidewalks for some reason.


Do you go into the office—or bail on your appointment altogether? If you have to ask yourself this question in the first place, there’s a good chance you’re going to turn right around and find another dentist on another day. If your dentist can’t even take care of his landscaping, then how is going to take care of your mouth?

We know—quality landscaping has no direct tie to quality dental work. But would you blame a customer for choosing another business over yours if your office building—the most physical representation of your business—looks a bit out of shape? Everything tells a story about your business, including your landscaping. Keep it looking professional, and you’ll make sure customers are paying attention to what matters most: the quality of your business.

You have more time to worry about your business.

There’s only so much time in the day to improve your business, and every second counts—so why would you waste your time pulling weeds and edging sidewalks when you could be increasing profits or training employees? When you hire a professional landscaping team, they’ll do their best work so you can do yours.

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