Unless you’re going to enjoy your backyard by hiding in the bushes or napping on your lawn, you’re going to need a deck for the full backyard experience. But a deck is much more than planks and beams—it’s what you build into or around your deck that makes your yard truly incredible.

In this blog, the Midland landscaping experts at Mason Landscaping & Design will give you some inspiration for ways to “deck out” your deck—some of which are on the luxurious side. But what’s the point of creating a new backyard space if it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles?

Get a hot tub.

C’mon… we know darn well that you want one. You’ve wanted one for years, and why wouldn’t you? Hot tubs are the epitome of backyard luxury and relaxation—perfect for West Texas evenings all year long. Build your hot tub into your deck for a seamless and stunning look, and be sure to create a spot to hang towels, T-shirts, and the likes. Most of all, don’t forget to add in some rough and rugged floor mats around your hot tub. We wouldn’t want you to slip and fall, or even worse—experience the sensation of bare feet on a cold deck.

Build an outdoor kitchen.

Build a deck, and you have a deck. Build a deck with an attached outdoor kitchen, and you have the best West Texas BBQ spot in the neighborhood. Grilling is one of the most prized pastimes for Texas residents—so if you’re going to build an outdoor kitchen into your deck, you need to do it right. Get the Duramax Diesel of grills that can handle grilling for all of your friends and family, and frame that grill with custom countertops and storage so you always have a place for plates, platters, and prepping. Finally, no kitchen is finished with a dining room, so be sure to buy or build some seating into your deck design so your guests can sit down and really dig into your BBQ creations. Speaking of seating…


Add some seating.

Backyard seating can come in many forms. Maybe you want built-in benches around the perimeter of your deck for ample party seating, or perhaps you’re looking to create your own cabana for a taste of Miami Beach in the heart of Texas. Whatever the case, you need seating that fits the projected butt capacity of your shindigs, and caters to the kinds of activities that will go on in your space. More than anything, make sure you have the perfect seating for epic backyard siestas. We’re getting sleepy just thinking about it.

Talk to the Midland landscaping professionals!

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