Almost counts in horseshoes and hand grenades—but it definitely doesn’t count in world of landscaping. In this blog, the Odessa landscaping professionals at Mason Landscaping & Design will educate you on the biggest landscaping mistakes you can make. This is part 1 of 3 in this blog series because, well, there are a lot of landscaping mistakes to be made.

You didn’t set a budget.

Didn’t your mom teach you anything? Always set a budget for big investments and home improvement projects, and stick to that budget. If you try to renovate your backyard without a budget and a plan, you’ll run the risk of blowing through your budget for half of a backyard, or going drastically over budget for backyard bliss.

Do your homework, and figure out the approximate prices of the products and services you’ll need to complete your backyard renovation. Worst case scenario? You’ll run slightly over budget on your project. But it some cases, you could save yourself money by doing thorough research and planning ahead.

You forget the front yard.

There’s no greater dream than having a spectacular and enviable backyard with all the bells and whistles. But if you spend all of your money on backyard shenanigans and neglect your front yard, you could be doing your home a disservice.

A beautiful front yard is essential for healthy curb appeal and resale value—so be sure to spend money on all of your outdoor spaces for the best possible landscaping investment.

Your prioritize form over function.

Of course you want your outdoor space to be beautiful. But if your space isn’t functional, then how much will you really enjoy your landscaping investment?

Think about all the ways you imagine yourself using your outdoor space. Are you going to be the grillmaster of the best BBQ in the history of your neighborhood?

Don’t forget an outdoor kitchen. Are you looking to invite your friends over for late-night parties? Remember to budget for outdoor lighting. Looking for a shady place to cool off on hot summer days? Make tall trees and awnings part of your landscaping plans.

A backyard shouldn’t just look nice—it’s meant to be celebrated and enjoyed. If you forgo function in the name of great aesthetic value, then you’ll have a yard that’s great to look at from inside your home. What’s the point of that?

cta2233You plant too close to man-made structures.

A little tree planted right next to your house won’t be a big deal, right? Wrong! Wait for that tree to grow over the course of a decade, and its root systems could grow 20 feet outward in every direction! This doesn’t just uproot your lawn or come in contact with underground plumbing—it could uproot (pun intended) decks, concrete pathways, and even your home’s structural elements.

Don’t underestimate the power of nature, and make sure you plant trees a safe distance away from your home. It’s the only way to destroy the “root” of the problem.

You don’t hire landscape design professionals.

If you have big aspirations for your outdoor space, you can’t expect to handle every project by yourself. That’s why it’s important to have landscaping professionals at your disposal to make sure every part of your dream outdoor space turns out right.

That’s where Mason Landscaping & Design can help. With experienced landscape designers and a seasoned team of landscapers, we can help you envision a better landscape, and execute your vision to perfection. Get started with Mason Landscaping & Design today!