As Odessa’s landscape design experts, Mason Landscaping & Design team is passionate about creating stunning outdoor spaces. But what makes an outdoor space truly stunning?

Straight from the landscape design bible, here are a few of the many rules of landscape design that will lead to an incredible residential or commercial outdoor space.


Harmony is the act of combining colors, shapes, and lines to make a landscape that is harmonious to the eye. The colors and forms of your landscape should work with one another and give off a cohesive and consistent feel throughout your outdoor space. If too many colors and shapes are used in your space, you’ll run the risk of creating something that’s overstimulating, incoherent, and uncomfortable.

In terms of color, it’s important to note that different colors have different emotional connotations. For example, warmer colors like red symbolize power, strength, and passion, while cooler colors like blue symbolize peacefulness, depth, and wisdom. It’s important to keep these colors in mind because they can dictate the mood of your outdoor space—so too much red might be overpowering, and too much blue or black could give off a stark or gloomy vibe.

With so many moving parts going into a landscape design, it can be difficult to have the foresight and the vision to create a harmonious outdoor space. That’s why hiring a professional landscape design team is the best way to achieve landscape harmony.   

Focal Point

Every great design has a great focal point—and this is especially true in the world of landscape design. The focal point is the eye-catching centerpiece and the first thing people will see as they enter your space, so be sure to give it some extra thought as you develop an idea for your landscape. Your focal point might be a swimming pool, a beautiful gazebo, a statue, a fountain, a fire pit, or an open, grassy area (negative space can be a focal point, too). Regardless of the feature you choose, it’s important to guide people to your focal point using pathways and boundaries like trees, plants, and fences, and to make sure your focal point takes up the largest amount of space in your yard.


Proportion is very important for the overall aesthetic of your outdoor space, and plays a role in the function of your space as well. The rules of design dictate that your focal point should be twice as large as anything else in the area—otherwise, you’ll confuse the eye with conflicting or competing objects. With a large yard, a good rule of thumb is to pick one large focal point area, and surround it with a few smallers secondary areas that serve different purposes.

From a practical standpoint, proportion is important as well. After all, is a huge pool really necessary in your yard if all you’ve ever dreamed of is a large patch of grass for you and your dogs to play in? Maybe a large patch of grass and a small pool would be a better choice. (Your dog will want to go for a swim to cool off at some point anyway.)

The focal point of your space should also be the most usable space—so if you’re a BBQ grilling virtuoso and want to share your culinary creations with all of your friends, your BBQ area should probably utilize the biggest proportion of your yard.

Just like rules of many kinds, the rules of landscape design are meant to be broken—so if you’re passionate about a way you want to use your space, don’t let the rules stop you. When it’s all said and done, your space shouldn’t just be beautiful—it should be enjoyable.

Trust your Odessa Landscape Design Professionals!

At Mason Landscaping & Design, we don’t just know the rules of landscape design—we put them into practice every single day creating stunning residential and commercial outdoor spaces. We take pride in effectively applying the rules of landscape design during our projects, and take even more pride in breaking those rules to give residents of Odessa and Midland outdoor spaces they’ll love for years to come. Don’t wait—get started with Mason Landscaping & Design today!