As Odessa’s lawn care experts, Mason Landscaping & Design loves a good lawn. In fact, there might not be anything better on the planet! Imagine yourself on a lush, green, and beautiful lawn right now: basking on a cool and refreshing grass patch, squishing the soft blades of grass in between your bare toes, and relaxing in the beautiful summer sun of Texas. Even your dog is excited to run free and roll around in the grass. This isn’t just a great lawn, it’s a barefoot lawn—a luxurious area rug of the outdoor world.

But what makes for a barefoot lawn? In this blog, we’ll discover the basic elements of a truly great and enjoyable lawn that makes you want to take your shoes off and relax.

Healthy Soil

Healthy, nutrient-rich soil is the key to any healthy plant, especially grass. Good soil provides a sturdy base for grass roots to establish themselves, controls the flow of air and water for ideal oxidation and hydration, and holds the chemicals and nutrients that keep your lawn’s pH, salinity, and overall health intact. Good soil creates a suitable ecosystem for living organisms that will enrich the soil as well.

cta2233Quality Grass Seeds

If you like grass, but don’t have grass, you’ll need some grass seeds—this is just one of the many rules of the lawn care universe. Choose a grass seed that is compatible with the climate of your area, the amount of sun your lawn will be exposed to, and your desired maintenance level (you wouldn’t want a lawn that needs to be mowed once a week, would you?).

Quality Odessa Lawn Care

A barefoot lawn can be hard to achieve on your own, even with the right tools and the right knowledge. That’s where Mason Landscaping & Design can help. Our Odessa lawn care services will keep your lawn at barefoot quality throughout the year, and provide you with expert advice on how to manage your lawn between visits. Don’t wait to enjoy a beautiful barefoot lawn—get started with Mason Landscaping & Design today!