The world becomes more anti-lawn by the day—and as the Odessa lawn service experts, we’re not sure why. While lawns require a bit of maintenance and water consumption, there are endless reasons why lawns are beneficial for getting the most out of the environment and your life.

In this blog, Mason Landscaping & Design will give you a few reasons why having a lawn is a good thing. As we always say, “There’s no problem a good lawn can’t fix.”

Taking care of a lawn is good exercise.

There’s nothing like hauling that heavy lawnmower out of the garage and pushing it around your yard (hopefully, your mower provides a push of its own to help you along). While it might seem like a chore at first, it’s an excellent way to get your daily Vitamin D intake and work up a bit of a sweat while enjoying the great outdoors—plus, you get to lounge around on your fresh-cut lawn when the job is done (more on that later).

It’s a place for your kids (and pets) to play.

If you have children of the human or canine variety, they need some outdoor space to let loose, run around, burn some energy, and for your furrier friends, go to the bathroom. This is the number one purpose of lawns—they’re a bit more forgiving for doggy “business” than concrete or artificial turf, and they provide a soft, safe surface for all the happy little bare feet and paws in your life.

Do you really want your children living an indoor life, clinging to computer screens and smartphones? Or would you rather see them spending their time running through sprinklers, playing with the dogs, watching clouds, and dribbling soccer balls around? It’s only possible if you have a lush lawn to come home to.


Lawns make the earth healthier.

A 5000 square foot lawn provides enough daily oxygen for eight people, absorbs carbon dioxide, and cools off the surrounding areas by absorbing heat. A well-maintained lawn can control erosion and improves soil quality by absorbing excess runoff water, too. Plus, lawns keep dust at bay—something that is crucial for air quality and outdoor enjoyment in west Texas.

Having a lawn is therapeutic.

City folks in Texas understand how hard it can be to find the time to get outside and experience nature. But when you have a lawn of your own, you have a little piece of nature to enjoy every single day. All it takes to unwind from a long day in the office is a comfortable lawn chair, a good book, a crispy can of suds, and a cool, comfortable lawn. Doesn’t sound as nice on a hot patch of concrete, does it?

Lawns make your neighbors jealous.

You might not care about what’s happening in your neighbor’s yard, but they will certainly care about what’s happening in yours. Why not make them a little jealous with all that talk about your new, beautiful lawn in your yard. When people are jealous of you, it’s nothing personal—it means they want something you have that they don’t have. Not exactly a bad place to be.

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