The beautiful Texas summer is here, with temperatures already soaring into the mid-90s and triple digits. Is your lawn looking lush and beautiful as it should? Or are your making classic lawn care mistakes that have left your lawn patchy, unsightly, and unhealthy?

In this blog, Odessa’s lawn care experts will show you the biggest lawn mistakes that most people can make (you might have made one or two of them already). Hopefully, by knowing what not to do, you can keep your lawn looking spectacular all summer, or get your lawn moving in the right direction!

You mow your grass too short.

That Texas sunshine is amazing for getting a tan or hanging out at the pool—but it can also do a lot of damage to your lawn, especially if you’re giving your lawn a buzz cut every week. Cutting your grass too short will limit its ability to photosynthesize, will make your grass more prone to disease and insect damage, and will leave the soil and root systems susceptible to sun damage and (gasp) weed growth. The less space your grass occupies, the more likely it is for weeds to make themselves at home.

Never, ever cut your grass shorter than about 2 1/2 inches, and never lop off more than a third of your grass’s height at one time. This will ensure that your soil is protected, your lawn is lush and healthy, and your root systems are properly shaded and strong.

You mow with dull mower blades.

Mowing with dull mower blades doesn’t just leave your grass cut uneven and unsightly—it can actually tear your grass instead of cutting it cleanly (known as “white tipping” by lawn care professionals). When you cut your grass with dull blades, the tops will turn white and will appear dry and in need of water. This leads to overwatering (we’ll touch on the harmful effects of this later), and also increases the likelihood of insect damage and disease. Try to sharpen your mower blades once a year, before the prime lawn care season begins. You’ll avoid white tipping, and you’ll get a fresh cut akin to a baseball field.


You water your lawn too much (or too often).

Your lawn is a lot like a hungry dog—feed it just enough, and it’ll be happy and healthy. Feed it too much on a regular basis, and it’s going to want (and expect) that same amount of dog food for every single meal—and when you start feeding your dog less than before… watch out.

Your lawn acts the same way: once you start overwatering your lawn, it’s going to expect that same amount of water on a regular basis—and if you fail to give it that same amount of water because of a West Texas drought or a long vacation, it’s going to struggle to survive.

Overwatering doesn’t just make your lawn less resistant to drought—it can prevent the optimal growth of root systems as well. Plus, overwatering is essentially just wasting water.

So how do we water just the right amount? The secret is to water less frequently, but deeper into the soil, which will encourage your grass’s roots to dive deeper into the soil to access that precious water.

You don’t use the Odessa lawn care professionals.

Lawn care and landscaping can cause a lot of stress and take up a lot of time—plus there’s so much to learn to make sure your lawn is just right for West Texas backyard BBQ season. Leave things up to the professionals, and trust Mason Landscaping & Design with your lawn care needs! We serve Odessa, Midland, and the surrounding areas, and we’re happy to provide you with regular lawn cutting, maintenance, and care for your lawn. Get started with Mason Landscaping & Design today!